Company Profile

SABOHEMA Automotive Private Limited.: Heralding a new era in Automotive Technology

SABOHEMA a widely reckoned agnomen in automotive products and technology, is a joint undertaking between Italian group ROBERTO NUTI Spa and Australian group Powerdown Australia PTY. LTD. SABOHEMA is vehemently committed towards achieving higher degree of global competitive outlook through pro-active realization of international best business practices and quality centric benchmarks. Institutionalizing path breaking wisdom, above the board ardor and exemplary innovation, SABOHEMA has come a long way in delivering state-of-the-art shock absorbers and suspensions for heavy duty vehicles, thus successfully leveraging its global market imprint.

Superior Legacy

A 50:50 mutually endowing and win-win Joint Venture between the two industry bellwethers to reconnoiter novel markets in auto component landscape, SABOHEMA echoes the vigor and competence of its founding architects. While the ROBERTO NUTI Spa bears the Italian testimony in delivering world-class auto component products along with managing two iconic brands- SABO and MUPO, on the other hand Hema Group of Industries is an Indian maven in providing techno engineered products to well known Indian OEMs.

Quality comes first, always

SABOHEMA has the strong technical knack in delivering high-end products and technologies, essentially upholding the principles of quality control and customer satisfaction. Zero tolerance for hitches, delivering quality products at affordable price range and above all a genuine commitment to our esteemed customers, are some of the tenets of our organization that not only discern our mission but are also conjured intensely within our work ethos.